Tuesday, June 21, 2011


“The power attributed in China to spells and charms
is really so great that we may call it unlimited…

“…words are no idle sound, nor characters or pictures are merely ink or paint, but that they altogether constitute or produce the reality which they express or represent. And as any desired magical effect may be expressed in words or writing, it follows as a matter of course that by means of charms and spells every imaginable thing may be effected.”

—J.J.M.  de Groot, The Religious System of China, 1910

I didn't paint these today. I actually painted them back in 2005. There were a part of a series of 6 charms that I made based on Chinese paper charms. They are written in a special type of esoteric script called "spirit writing". They are intended to keep malevolent spirits away. Traditionally, they would be red or occasionally yellow, but I thought I would just play with the color and make some blue. They are 3 feet tall and 11 and a half inches wide. The medium is acrylic on wood.

I intended to create more pieces and put together a show (which I may still do). I'm thinking about selling them on Etsy--maybe $100 a piece plus shipping.

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